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There will be Evangelism Board in the Diocese and each parish will have Parish Evangelism Board that will organize outreaches, crusades and revivals. There shall be a full-time missioner in the activities of evangelism.

Each parish/district shall find out a mission field for evangelism. We will identify recruit, train and send out itinerant evangelists in all the districts (Eka Tsunyakpa) in our Diocese. 

We will identify ministry e.g prayer, fasting, deliverance, healing, witnessing, teaching, and preaching, and encourage the use of the gifts in the proper way. The rotational vigils among the districts in the Diocese will be maintained.

Since planting of Churches is a difficult task we will embark on 1 –1 evangelism, then Church planting.


The on-going mission hospital in Doko will be completed to serve as a general hospital for the surrounding Mission clinics.

Districts and parishes will be encouraged to open one Mission clinic in their areas to be operated by a trained Nurse.

 Giving the number of over twenty qualified medical doctors who are members of our Diocese we believe that efficient health-care delivery will be a possibility in our Diocese.


The present Primary Six pupils in our St. Peter’s Primary School should graduate into our secondary school next year.

Our Education team is hereby given a marching order that our secondary school should start next academic session.

There should be a bus for the school to convey the students to and from their destinations. Land should be acquired immediately for the permanent site of the school.

A block of six classrooms should be constructed before the take-off of the school next year.


We will explore fruitful investments for a sound financial base from time to time.

Stock market trade will be encouraged. We will buy grains and store them to be sold at the appropriate time.


The youths will be mobilized to play active roles in our church activities. Their ministry gifts will be identified for evangelism.

They will be taught Anglicanism, catechism, and in-depth study of the word of God.

Internet facilities will be installed in Bishop’s Court to encourage literacy Information and Communication Technology. 


The Clergy will be encouraged to be computer-literate and to develop themselves by acquiring relevant certificates in Theology. We will encourage them to attend seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences to enhance their ministry.

The welfare of the Clergy will be our top priority as an important motivation for their work. 

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