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Diocesan service at Kopa

Sunday 15th march, 2014

The program witness a great turn out of people from Bida, kutigi, and Doko diocese. The Bishop of Doko Rt Rev Uriah N. Kolo coordinated the service assisted by the Bishop of Bida Rt Rev Jonah G. kolo. Other guests at the service are the Bishop of kutigi Rt Rev Jeremiah Kolo, all the priest of Doko Diocese and their wives. Diocesan officials, prof J.M Baba, the two village head of Kopa, and people of other faith (muslims)about thirty persons were in attendance.

The service featured, dedication of the church and new vicarage, inauguration of kopa District, institution of Rev’d Eli .N. Tsado as canon, vicar and chairman of kopa district.

The exhortation was taken by Rt Rev Uriah kolo from the book of Amos chapter three verse three where he stressed the need for unity among Gods people in order to move forward. The program was one of its kinds in Kopa. To God be the glory.

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