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            The services of Mama in this direction became so popular that the N. A dispensary at Doko was boycotted and people from all walks of life flocked to Mama for the treatment of their ailments.  TI was surprising to all observers how Mama who had not been to any school of Nursing had become such a competent Midwife.


            Definitely the driving force was Mama’s determination to render help to the poor and the afflicted.  It was also interesting to note that in performing these services Mama did not discriminate against anybody and this is the secret of mama’s popularly namely that she was broadminded and accommodating.


            Despite mama’s strong determination to render humanitarian services, herself she however had some obstacles in her way, some of these obstacles include, lack of proper place to do the treatment and lack of the knowledge of causes and symptoms of some complicated disease.  Some of these diseases had to be diagnosed by Medical Experts.  Mama quickly understood these obstacles but as the saying goes determination overcomes difficulties, so to overcome the problem of these inadequacies, Mama added another dimension to her services namely “Free Consultancy Services”


How did Mama do his?


Mama would collect the verbal history of such Diseases and would go to Bida to see the Medical Doctor at Bida.  A day would be arranged when Doko people would come to see the Doctor.  Before that day Mama would go and sleep at Bida.  The Patients would leave Doko very early in the morning for Bida on foot.  Before they arrive at the Hospital mama would make sure that she was in hospital.  As soon as Doko people arrived Mama would introduce them to the Doctor and they would therefore be the first to be seen by the Doctor.  They would be diagnosed and the treatment would begin after the ailment has been discovered.


            Through this method the menace of many dangerous diseases that had been the killers of our people were overcome.  Apart from  this, number of women who were seemingly barren when Mama came to Doko were taken to the Doctor by her and through regular treatment and washing of the wombs these women now have children (the name of such women are now reserved).


            Another dimension of Mama’s humanitarian service was Orphanage Mama had adopted a number of orphans who today have become successful Civil Servant most of these orphans came from none Christina families but as the result of humanitarian services many of these people and their parents and relatives are Christians today.


To sum up the many philanthropic activities of Mama Doko, perhaps it is necessary at this juncture to give two specific example of such services


Examples no. 1 The care of the Chief Musician of St. Peter’s Church Doko


The Chief Church musician was suddenly taken ill and was rushed to the hospital by his people Mama Doko was on that fateful day in Bida, she was quickly informed of this development and she herself quickly rushed to the hospital.  Reaching the hospital Mama found him in a desperate condition because he was isolated and abandoned on the ground that this man was suffering from cerebral-Spinal meningitis


The assumption was made by an ordinary ward servant when Ramatu EgiAliyu came to know this, she became her usual self.  She was bubbling with anger, she went to the ward servant to produce the result of the diagnosis when he could not, Mama reported to the Doctor and instantly the Doctor came and after examination discovered that it was not meningitis after all, he thereafter ordered that the man he admitted and treatment began immediately while the ward servant was firmly reprimanded.  The name of this Chief Musical is Mr. Philip Yisa Kolo –Kpanifu Doko. Though this man did not survive the sickness the role played by Mama, was deeply appreciated by the relatives of this man as well as all who heard of the story.

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