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One day everybody including Baba Dan thought that the whole matter had been forgotten, news suddenly came that the District Officer was going to visit Gaba. He came he saw and he conquered. At Gaba, the D. O made the historic declaration that Domestic Economic Slavery – known as Tsofa and with all its ramifications was abolished and that any body being held for such reasons was relinquished.  History had it that when the then Ndagaye – the Village Head of Gaba heard this declaration, he collapsed because he had a large number of such slaves working for him in his farm.  Baba Dan’ Effort was rewarded with this historic abolishing of the Notorious Tsofa.


            Baba Dan was known to be a highly disciplined Old man, since he received Christ, he had disassociated himself with all things that are unchristian.  He became a disciple of all the ten Commandments.  He was not sitting in the group of the scornful he was  a leader by example and that is why he was highly respected by all that known him.  He gave the world his selfless service so that you and I can today go about our lawful duties without hindrance and molestations.


May His labours not go in vain.


May his noble soul rest in perfect peace Amen.






“Let Your light so shine before men that they may See Your good Works and” glorify Your father who is in Heaven - Matthew 5:16


            The life style of Mama Doko” The well known, Ramatu Egi Aliyu” Mrs Alice Angulu, has brought home to many people in Doko and indeed the whole Community, what should be a true Christian life  her Frankness and Straight forwardness has earned her dignity and respect from all  who came inc contact with her.


            She calls a spade a spade instead of nick naming it an implement of husbandry.  But perhaps what makes Mama Doko stand out among the crowd is how she is able to blend her character with humanitarianism benevolence and Philanthropy.


            It is actually these her characteristics that give her the popularity which she had today.


            When “Mama Alice came to Doko in 1947 to assume her duty as the wife of the Clergy in charge of Doko Church she noticed that the People of Doko and Surrounding Villages were desperately in need of health care.  The small dispensary in Doko at that time was grossly inadequate to cope with the need of the people she quickly plunged herself into the Service of providing some Health care to the people with the small resources at her disposal.  She used to trek to Bida – a distance of seventeen kilometers in order to collect assorted medicines for the people.  Through this selfless service, Mama was able to establish a mini hospital at Doko and within a very short time ailments like Cough, Ulcers, Headaches and all types of fevers were being treated in the mission compound by Mama free of charge.  Mama used to wake up very early in the Morning to boil water which she used sterilizing the equipments used to wash the wounds.

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