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            He was also among the 18 brutalized men.  So Baba Dan, Elijah Yisa Jaman and other patriotic Doko elements raised formidable opposition to the aforementioned social evils in Doko at the climax of their struggle they decided to take the matter to the white District officer at Bida.  In this process Baba Dan had one great obstacle namely, the language barrier.  None of these rebels against the evil practice could speak the language of the white man or even that of his interpreter the languages were English and Hausa which none of them could speak.


            These obstacle did not prevent Baba Dan and his group from struggling to see to the termination of all social evils in Doko.


            One day Baba Dan was able to speak to the D. O through what we can describe as a miraculous coincidence.


            As he and his group were waiting at a junction road in Bida thinking what to do, Suddenly they were spotted by a woman relation who came to meet them where they had been sitting for four consecutive days, this woman was said to have left Doko for a long period of time trading in Hausa Country.  She could therefore speak Hausa fluently, as soon as this woman understood the mission of Baba Dan and his group, she volunteered to follow them to the D. O’S home to be the interpreter.  This was the medium through which Baba Dan and his group were able to bring their case to the D. O.  they made  good use of this opportunity and told him all that was happening in Doko namely the magnitude of man’s inhumanity to man being perpetrated in Doko by the powers that be.  The D. O in his side having got the clear picture of what was happening thanked the group and promised them that he would do something about it. 


            When Baba Dan and his group retuned to Doko they were hated by the ruling class whow called them many unpleasant names, but having satisfied themselves with the courage they had displayed in the District Officer office they did not care.



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