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Jesus saw Simon called Peter at the sea of Galilee and his brother Andrew and said to them, “Come follow me and I will make you fisher of men (Math. 4:19)


            Peter and Andrew instantly left their profession and all they had and followed him.


            Similarly when the first missionaries came to Doko they met a man called Shaba Lazhi a very good flutter and, told him, leave all that you are doing now and follow Jesus.  He instantly obeyed left his profitable profession and all his relations and followed Jesus.


            This man became the rock on which the Church of Doko – St Peter’s C. M. S Church Doko was built as early as the year 1929.


            This man became the well known Daniel Lazhi Sokomba, and popularly known as Baba Dan.


            One of the spectacular qualities of Baba Dan was that he exhibited Leadership by example.  For example, before Baba Dan was converted to Christianity he got married to a woman who was not original his wife the expectation of the society was that he should try to get a girl to marry, this should have given Baba Dan, two wives, but because he believed in the bible’s instruction of “one man one wife he ignored the Societal norm by refusing to marry any other wife except the only one he had.  This attitude caused him disaffection by all the members of the society because according to them he had not done the unusual thing.  His brothers disowned him because he had abandoned the worship of idols since he became converted into Christianity.


            In short, by his decision to follow Christ, Baba Dan came into confrontation with the society.  The driving force in Baba Dan at that time was in the Bible quotation which says and I quote” For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul”


            But by far what made Baba Dan popular among the people of Doko was his stand again some of the veils being perpetrated by the Hausa/Fulani overlords in Doko. 


The two most outstanding among these evil were:-


$11.      Domestic Slavery “Tsota”


$12.      Indiscriminate conscription into forced labour camps  “Keremi’


Perhaps it is necessary here that the two evils be explained


$11)     Domestic slavery



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