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            The matter turned upside down.  At this juncture I would want to plead with my gentle readers to allow me to plug in a Hausa proverb here.


            The Hausa man says “In zaka gina ramin muguta gina shi gajere” The men who set trap for these men of God had fallen into the same trap.  The District officer directed that they be given double the number of strokes given to each of the Doko Christian.  Then Alverez popularly known as Ndatinti intervened that alternative punishment and not ‘Bulala’ should be given to the conniver on the ground that Jesus himself was whipped without sin.


            The alternative punishment was even harsher than the whipping for all the people in the office of the Native authority who were connected with the matter, from District head down to the scribe were all relieved of their posts.


            As for the 18 victimized Christians they were taken home by Rev. Alverez where they remained for four days eating and nursing their wounds.  At the end of their stay the Rev. gave each of them a Hymn Book and ordered them to go back to Doko to sing praises to God.


            These Eighteen men became heroes when they set their feet at Doko.  A crowd gathered to receive them back home, the whole of Doko was in joyous mood except for those few who were known to be hypocrites these were shading crocodile tears.


            Among the spectacular events those book places after this incident were:-


$1(1)  As many as ten girls were known to had disowned their non-Christians Suitors unless they would start to go to Church


$1(2)  A large number of young men and women who had not been associating themselves with Christian activities came to Christ, as result of which an evening class was opened for the new converts learn how to read Bible In Nupe.


$1(3)  Because of the courage and fortitude of these Eighteen gallant Christian soldiers the church became firmly established in Doko and as well the menace of the Fulani brutality was brought to a stand still at Doko.  The gallant men had been able to kill two birds with one stone.  Should all these their labours be allowed to go in vain?

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