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As can be expected the District Head of Doko fled in the right because of the fear that they would be mobbed.


On the following morning a group of red uniformed ‘Dogaris’ were sent to Doko with a list of the following names to be arrested and taken to Bida for interrogation.  They were:-


$11.      Mr. Daniel Sokomba


$12.      Mr. Solomon Gimba (Dazhi Woro)


$13.      Mr. Peter Gara (Latiko)


$14.      Mr. Elijah Yisa (Dzuko Misun)


$15.      Mr. Samuel Kolo (The Rebel Leader)


$16.      Mr. Abraham Gana (Emidaragi)


$17.      Mr. Peter Makolo (Kpatako)


$18.      Mr. John Taidi


$19.      Mr. Philip Sala Tsado (Kuchitagi)


$110.Mr. Jacob Baba Kolo (Dinfo)


$111.Mr. Stephen Soje Gana


$112.Mr. Nathaniel Woziri Gana


$113.Mr. Peter Yisa (Edonin)


$114.Mr. Joshua Yisa (Ndagbodo)


$115.Mr. Abraham Gana (Emidaragi)


$116.Mr. Joshua Shiawoya (Dazhi woro)


$117.Mr. Stephen Salawu Gana


$118.Mr. Thomas Taidi


I want the reader to note here  that (1) the list contain only Christian names though the fight was indiscriminately a mob action


(2)       that the list was written from Zhima by people who were not even present in the scene of the event.


(3)       that Mr. Peter Gara’s name was included only because he was the evangelist in charge of Doko Church not necessarily that he participated in the fight.  Then the reader can conclude that this was jungle justice.  An attempt to give a dog a bad name, in order to hang it.  It was also a historic which hunting exercise against the Christian Community.  The above named people were lined up and driven out of Doko similar to the way the slaves of 17th Century were being treated.  Doko was in a sorbing mood, because many thought that were driven away like that in the past never came back.  Before they reached Kuchi, a village about seven kilos from Doko, it was dark so the gang drivers decided that these victims of victimization should pass a night there before proceeding to Bida the following morning. At Kuchi, the Christian sort to say their prayers but they were prevented by the red guards.  However as Gamaliel the Pharisee did in case of Peter one of the red guard pleaded with the rest that they should be allowed to serve their own God in their own way since God was one.  After this precaution the guards agreed and the Christian concluded the prayer with the song “Abide with me….


The following morning they set for Bida.  It is important here to note that these arrested men had not taken any food or water since they were arrested.  Reaching Bida they were arraigned before the then Etsu Nupe Mallam Saidu.  After investigation the Etsu found no fault with these people, and like Caiphas advised that they should only be warned and released.  But like the jews some Doko Hero worshippers shouted “Crucify him Crucify him” and let their blood be upon us.  When the pressure was too much for Etsu  Saidu he retired into his Chamber and left the Eighteen persecuted men in the hands of those hypocrites.  These men who connived to cause the arrest of the innocent defender soft their rights and faith, felt that if they allowed these men to go back to Doko without punishment, they would be laughed to scorn,  so as the result of their insistence these victims were each given six strokes of ‘ Bulala’. While the enemies imagined that they had got at least part of what they wanted, they were thoroughly disappointed when a letter came from the white District Officer inviting all that were connected with the matter to his Office Rev. Alverez who was in charge of the Christian Communities in Nupeland wrote a letter to his brother white man the D. O and informed him about the matter and also demanded that the case be investigated.  It was discovered after all the tax records were checked that the allegation of refusing to pay tax was totally false for there was no one in the whole of Doko that hadn’t paid, his tax at that time.

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