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This is the story of strong resentment to Fulani rule that resulted the arrest and the lashing weeping of Eighteen Christians of Doko.


The Episode


Up till today our people are wondering how they managed to come under the rule of Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy.  They had not been told by anybody been conquered by war by the Fulanis.  They have not come across any legend that tells them of any useful agreement between their forefather and Fulanis that brings about such a domination.  That is why they sometimes think that Fulani domination over them was illegal.


To crown it all, our people realized that Fulani rule, apart from the fact that it is undemocratic, it is also characterized with inhuman agitate in silence but are afraid to voice it out to the public for feat that they would be brutally reprimanded.


Suddenly, and before the people know that it was all about, an opportunity came for  them to air their views and they made very good use of that opportunity.


The District Head of Zhima/Doko one day paid a three day working visit to the village of Doko . As soon as they arrived, his subjects started the usual acts of terror and brigandage.  A Doko man was coming from the farm with a bundle of firewood to sell in order to get the money to pay his remaining tax of two shillings; he was sighted by these servants of the District head, who asked him to surrender the firewood he was carrying.  The man almost went on his knees pleading that he would not have the money to pay his remaining tax, but before he could finish his words the bundle of fire wood was taken away from his head and in addition he was given a slap.  This was “the last stroke that broke the calm’s back. “The poor Samuel Kolo of Takogi could not longer tolerate this humiliation.  He rose after the Fulani Servant and a single blow from him sent the servant rolling on the flow.  When the remaining Servants saw that was happening they ran to the spot to bear their victim, they did not know that a group of agitated fellows were sitting under a nearby tree.  These Doko people rushed to the scene.  And soon it was free for all fight and in a few moments the followers of the D. H. were seen running in all direction for their dear lives. They were defeated hand-down, and Baba Sam was able to go back home with his bundle of firewood.

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