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What Happened


Between Kuchi tsunyakpa and Kuchi woro, there is a small stream and a small wooden bridge over it.  This bridge though very small formed the link between Bida and Doko, any damages to that bridge therefore will cause suspension of traffic between the two towns.  On the day preceding the day of the visit of the August Visitor, cloud formed unexpectedly over the bridge and suddenly there was torrential rain, as the result of this, the whole bridge was washed away.  Surprisingly the two villages which were about half a kilo away from both sides of the bridge did not witness the rain.  The damage done to the bridge was so extensive that according to the engineer’s report it could not be successful repaired in a period of three months.  If you were a Christian in Doko who witnessed the harassment in connection with this August visit what would you term this incident to be? To them this incidence was not a mere coincidence; it was actually God’s answer to their prayers.


            So the August Visitor could not reach Doko but stopped at Kuchi Tsunyakppa.  It was there that he was met by people who wished to be converted into Islam.




Socio Economic Life


The First Market of Doko


Before this time the seat of the only market in Doko District was at Zhima the headquarter to Zhima/Doko District.  This is also the seat of the District Head and all the people in authority.


            The peasants, market women did not feel free to go to that market because of the molestation by the men in authority.  Consequently the popular opinion at that time was that a market should site at Doko.  This idea was firmly resented by the Fulani heads who saw the move as an instrument to plug their access.  Secondly – Doko was an important trade centre.  Agaie, Lapai and Abuja used Doko as a  trade route to Patigi, and the South and Doko therefore became suitable for the establishment of a market.  A railway line was proposed to o through this proposal want put-off because the Fulani authority thought the such a railway would pave way for oppressed subjects to escape.


The facilities available in Doko prompted Evangelist Daniel to suggest that a market should be established in Doko.  The Entire population of Doko including the village Head welcomed the idea.


However a Fulani representative in Doko know as Kpotun Aliyu kicked against it.  The feat was that the popularity of Doko with a number of Xtian converts was bound to overshadow zhima which was the seat of the Fulani Authorities.


Evangelist Daniel Corporation of Doko people cleared an area for the market, but when Kpotun Aliyu – the Junior Brother of Etsu Muhammadu, who based at Doko at that time heard about the move he sent that the proposal should be discarded with immediate effect.


Daniel, who was resolute that the market should be established visited him to discuss the issue with him. He disagreed, but Daniel vowed that in the name of Jesus of Nazareth the market would start in five days, saying that, he went through the village and told everybody to bring his/her goods to the market on the appointed date  He then loaded his double barrel and went to the junction  road between Zhima and Doko and sat there waiting for any eventually.  Before that day and did not come back.  So the market was attended by a large number of people without any hitch.  And from that day, Doko market became firmly established and is being attended every five days up till today.


            The irony of the whole episode is that though the architect of this important sector of economy is a Christian, the benefit of it slipped into the hands of the Moslems and aristocrats, the very people who fought ceremony if Eid- Kabir and Eid Fitri is approaching and it is market day is usually shifted backwards in order to allow the Moslems to change of this kind is never made  in case of Christian festivals, of Christmas  and Easter.  A market can even fall on Christmas or Easer days and it would be attended.  Perhaps this happens because the brought about this important renovation in the society.  Apart from the annoying is that the post of the manager of market affairs does not only fall wrongly in the hands of the Moslems, but the appointment of the manager is usually done without consultation with the Xian’s Communities.  Perhaps if a record the activities of Evangelist Daniel was kept earlier the Christians could have known their right and would have challenged the ordersity of the Moslems to reap where they had not sowing.


            Another important aspect of this episode is the place where that first market was situated was formerly the seat of many idols being worshipped by the none Christians members of the community.  It was evangelist Danile that destroyed these idols including the Chief of them (sokoto) in order to prepare the place for the market.  The people expected that the spirits of these idols would soon destroy Daniel.  They waited in vain o see when he would be harmed but nothing happened to him.  It was from the demonstration of this spectacular courage and fortitude by Evangelist Daniel that brought about the realization of the worthlessness of those gods.  They were toothless bull dogs who could only bark but could not bite.  This realization in turn brought about the worship of one and the only God, namely, the God of the Xian’s.


            In recent days the market instituted by Daniel had to be moved from its original place to the present position because of the movement of the people from the foot of the mountain to the present position but in sitting the market, serious thought was not given to population explosion as the result of this lack of foresight, the market is now chocked up and there is no room for expansion.  A move was therefore made to shift the market to a new and more open space so that it could have the facilities commensurate with the importance of such an institution.  This move was unanimously adopted.  Consequent to this a new site was chosen and incidentally another Christian happened to be counselor for works in the local government.  He was therefore instructed to affect the building of the new market.  Contract was then awarded and some market stalls were erect.  To everybody surprise however this modern market was rejected by a group of people who can rightly be described as the enemies of progress they rejected the market for no reason other than it was built through the instruction by a Christian.


I decided to bring up his point for the following reasons:-


(a)       That history was trying to repeat itself on the ground that a Christian opened the first market in 1928 and another Christian had the opportunity to establish a modern one in 1984.


(b)       I intend to point out how public money is being wasted nowadays because of unnecessary and unattainable artificial differences in religious.  A lot of money has already been expended on this project only to be abandoned because of selfish reasons.  A thick bush has now grown around that market and in the event of outbreak of fire these shall be burnt to ashes and through that, a large amount of public money would be wasted.  This is one of the problems facing the country today namely the problem of shortage conflicting with the problem of Wastage.  We always complain that we have not got enough money to raise the standard of the living of the common man but at the same time we have enough money to build market stalls only to be gutted by fire.




To honor the activities of our heroes past St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Doko, Women Wing resolved to revive the Missionary School, which had been taken over by the Government.  So, they initiated a Nursery/Primary School and asked Mr. Solomon A. Sheshi a retired School Principal who is himself a member of Church and Mr. Philip Gana a Zonal school Inspector at Kutigi who is also a member of the Church, to help them in the venture.


            So after fulfilling all the conditions set by the State Government, the School was opened in a temporary building attached to the Church in the year 1990 with two grade II teacher both of them Non-Native. The enthusiasm which the opening of this school generated in the hands of the people was epitomized by the rush people made to bring their children to the school.  At the moment the school has four classes, nurseries one and two, and primaries on and two. The effort of the organizers of the school has already been commended following the successful take off and the process already recorded in the school academic performances.


            At the moment the only sources of money we have are:


(1)       The School fees paid by the pupils


(2)       Donations made during the launching of the School


(3)       Donations coming from time to time from interested individuals and co-operate groups.  As can be envisaged form our zeal to expand the school to meet the growing demands of the people these sources are neither dependable nor adequate to meet our target.  We should have more permanent source of revenue and this is one of the issue we intend to discuss during our meeting scheduled for April 4.




The greatest obstacle to the progress of this project is money.


Recently we managed to acquire a piece of land through the generosity of Dazhi.  This land need to be developed quickly if our Nursery/Primary school not comes to a standstill.  Right now, we have field all the buildings we have in the temporary site as such there is no room for admission of new pupils.  This would go counter to our original aim of continuous admission.  Baba Dan and other had fought that this school should not only exist but that it would grow from strength to strength.  The ball is therefore now at our scot Right now we need eight classrooms two toilets and a Games field at the newly acquired permanent site.  In addition to these, we need Headmasters office and furniture as well as a Store House.


Current News


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