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     During a particular thanksgiving ceremony Mr. Elisha was at his wits end for after every item had been sold out during the bazaar he discovered that Katambabologi was twenty two shillings more than Doko. This was the situation Elisha could not tolerate.  As he stood there thinking of what to do, an aero plane was passing across.  Elisha, who was full of anxiety that Doko should take the lead, to the astonishment of everybody, priced the aircraft forty two shilling everybody thought this man was running mad; or was intoxicated for by the time he finished pricing the craft it had disappeared.  Elisha suddenly dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the among for which he bought the invisible aircraft and paid the money to the Church.  He then directed that the money realized for the harvest should be counted.  It was discovered that Doko Church took the lead.  Elisha decided to maintain that Doko church should always take the lead in every aspect of its worldly competition and also that Doko Church Members should take the lead in their race to salvation, this story is named






Stories of accidents of various natures are heard almost every day, over the Radio through the Pages of Newspapers and other News media.  Torrential rainfalls have been reported to have caused damages to houses and farm crops.  These incidents are usually referred to as natural disasters.  Why do the collapses of Kuchi Bridge, in 1965 due to rainfall then look like a miracle to Doko Christians?


            The event that took place 14 days before the proposed visit to Doko of an August visitor made the Christians think that collapse of Kuchi bridge that took place  a day before this August visitor was due to come was an act of God to save them from persecution.


            Before that day the Christians were told that purpose of the August visitor to Doko was to Islamic everybody and anyone who refused to become a Muslim would be serious persecuted. To enlightened fellows these talks could be regards as unfounded rumors, because we are aware of a constitutional provision that allows freedom of worship to everybody.  But a; number of events began to point to eh fact that Christians in Doko were not safe.


            First, Christians were forced by the authorizes to abandon the service on a Sunday to come and prepare the shade in preparation for the occasion.  Thy has to come to the field with their Bibles and other Holy Book to do this service before they began the work of making the shade


            Secondly, The Christians were forced to violet the commandment which stimulated that Christians would not work on Sunday.


            Third: The Christians were being harassed here and there and were being told by their Non-Christian counterparts that they would be killed on that day unless they changed their religion; Al these things gave the Christian the fear that they would be intimidated on that day or possibly they may lose their religion.  These thought sent them to pray fervently to God to protect His people.


            The August visitor in question was so powerful politically that an ordinary man on the street thought that he could do and undo everything without being challenged, he was also coming with a powerful politically that an ordinary man on the street thought that he could do and undo everything without being challenged, he was also coming with a powerful entourage.  The Christians in Doko had every reason therefore to fear.  Then suddenly something mysterious happed that prevented the August Visitor from reaching Doko after all.


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