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This situation becomes aggravated when these parents noticed that their children were given Wooden Slate (Elo) with Arabic written on them to bring home.  This was the last stroke that broke the Camels back these five aggrieved Christina parents marched gallantly to the village head (Etsu Dazhi Abu) and protected they were told to go and see the School authority.  There they were told by the Headmaster that there was nothing they could do since they were working on instruction.


            These people, not satisfied with what they were told decided to go to id to lay their complaints to the Highest Missionary authorities.  They went to Rev. Daniel Sheshi who was the first indigenous Reverend in Nupe land, who took them to Rev. Mac, Rev. Nicle then took them to the , then District Officer in charge of Bida District.  The District officer, a Whiteman saw the genuineness of their grievances and therefore directed the then Etsu Nupe (Mallam Muhammadu Ndayako) to look carefully into the possibility of given permission to the Christian Community to build their own School.


            The Etsu, having the pros and cous of the matter  decided to grant the D. O.s request on the ground that it was his father that granted permission to the earlier Missionaries to establish at Edogifu in Bida, by; granting this permission therefore he was only following his father’s footsteps.  He therefore authorized the Christian to establish their own school.  He also instructed that the Christian who wanted to withdraw their children from the N. A School should allowed o do so.  And so, on the 27t March 1944 a teacher Mr. Nathaniel Ndakoro Jiya Kuchi was sent by the Missionary authority open St. peter C. M. S School Doo . consequently al the Christian Children conscripted into the N. A School were withdrawn and the y became the foundation pupils of the Said St. Peter C. M. S School Doko among these delivered and relinquished pupils were the Late Elijah Gana the late Silas Jiya, Mallam Ndagi Yisa etc.


            Now that these Gallant men had won the battle it is necessary ponder a while here and discuss what is the real aim of these man. Actually they did not envisage al the beneficiaries we have realized through Education today namely luxurious cars beautiful Dress, and Mansions.  All they were fighting for at that time was that Christianity al its ramifications must ne be exterminated.


            In Saint Mathews Gospel Chapter 6Vs 33 – Jesus commanded and Quote:


            But see first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you and today” all these things have been added unto us.


            When however in 1963 all the Schools including St. Peters C. MS School Doko were taken over by the Government people thought that all hopes were lost as the Providence would have it however St. Peters CMS School Doko has Metamorphosed into Nursery/Primary and Secondary Institution that is why of course it has become our responsibility to nurture this young institution so that It would grow to a formidable maturity.  Let us imitate these few, men who throughout their lives were, victimized intimated discriminated against not because of any criminal act but for fighting for liberty; and freedom so that you and I could enjoy all the good things of life which we are enjoying today Christian home in Doko, Singing, Drumming and Dancing from Sunset to Sunrise .  His favourable song during these occasions used to be “While Shepherd watched their flock at Night all seated on the grass … “By this he helped to remind all and suddenly about the coming of Christ .  Since the death of this gentleman of God watch night activities though not stopped has also the vigour and humor it used to have perhaps the following episode clearly epitomizes the zeal of Mr. Elisha Sokoba tha the Church of Doo should always take lead in everything) The episode of the Purchase of an invisible aircraft in early stages of harvest thanksgiving ceremonies two Churches used to compe very keenly with Doko the two churcheswere Katamba Bologi and Kutigi Mr. Elisha was very conscious of this.  He made sure that the Harvest thanksgiving ceremony o these two Churches were done before that of Doko.  The aim was to be able to map up strategies that Doko Church would get more money than the other two.



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