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At this juncture perhaps it is necessary to Pounder a while on some selected activities of this man of God.  He was gifted with a sweet and melodious voice and he used this God given talent in singing, praises to the Lord.  During Church Service on Sundays and every other day Elisha’s voice was always heard above other voices.  He seemed to have memorized a number of Hymns because he used to sing without looking at the Hymn Book.


Because Mr. Elisha was a lover of pleasure – Dancing and singing, he carefully streamlined this habit towards the service of God on watch night Days.  This man used to mobilize his age mates to go round every do the same today.  The days of deeds are dawn my brother and sisters today fulfill your vow like Elisha, if you want to help your home Church and School don’t dream it, do it no!


The Labours of our heroes past should not be allowed to go in vain.


            It is absolutely clear here that this man has put a selfless service which led to the rapid development of the Church Socially, economically and spiritually, it is also clear that Mr. Elisha had struggled during his lifetime to make the Church a better place than he found it.  He had therefore established a good example for all o us to emulate.  If Mr. Elisha Ndawusa Tela Sokoba could exhibit such and honourable and memorable characters during those difficult days certainly you and I can.


St. Peter’s CMS School Doko


A Child of Rebellion


Who are the rebels?


What do they rebel against?


What do they hope to achieve?


What have they actually achieved?


in the year 1943 a Native authority School was opened at Doko.  This School was forced upon the people because they did not know the benefit of School.  Every other profession is an act of laziness.  Except farming and hunting.  The method of conscription was that every omelet head must provide a child: male or female. Most of the children were their grandchildren.


            Among the conscripted Children were Christian – boys and girls.  The teaching staff comprised of one headmaster Mallam Saidu Bida and an Arabic teacher.  There was no provision for the teaching of Christian Religion even though there were a number of Christian pupils in the school.


            Perhaps it is necessary her to state that at that time in question most of the people of Doo follow traditional religion they were pagans.  They worship idols.  There were a few Christians and Moslem. This follow therefore that the people who were affected by the teaching of Arabic in the School were the Christian pupils.


            Naturally, therefore the parents of these Christian pupils were not happy with this development. They thought and rightly so that by this development their children would be converted into Islam, since Arabic and Islam are Inseparable. Consequently the Christian parent reacted by threatening to withdraw their children from the School, unless a provision was made for teaching of Christian religion in the School.  In their opinion what was good for Moslem geese was also good for the Christian genders.


Instead of the authorities to listen to their genuine complaints the threatened them with arrest and conscription into forced labour camps .  The group of Christians immediately affected were:


$11.      Mr. Daniel Sokomba, who was the leader of Christian Community in Doko and the following people who ahd their children in the School at that time. They are


$1(1)  Elijah Yisa Dzukomisun


$1(2)  Mr. Paul Kolo Takogi


$1(3)  Abel Jiya Kpacinifu


$1(4)  Nathaniel Gana Ekpamisun


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