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Example No. 2


God says, leave the orphans and widows for me, I will take care of these.


            A certain woman delivered a female child and after seven days the mother died very suddenly.  In desperation the husband cried. “Where will See Mama Doko to take care of this orphan for me”. At that time Mama had travelled, when came back a week later, she was informed of this incidence, she quickly went to that house and when the husband saw her, he burst into another pitiable cry and repeated his wish that Mama should help him take care of the child.  Mama repeated the bible verse with which I open this episode.  She told the husband “It is not me that will take care of this baby but God and Jesus” saying this she took the baby and brought her home and bean to take care of her.


            To day that baby is now a Mother of two children.  She attended a School of Nursing a qualified nurse, she is happily married to a Senior Police Officer and both of them are living happily together.  It should be noted that neither the dead Mother nor the widower of this girl was a Christian, and even though father of this girl is still a Moslem he is today reaping the fruit of the labour of Mama Doko who brought his daughter up through the inspiration of Jesus Christ.




Evidently a small booklet of this type is inadequate to contain all the Works of Mama Doko, so the idea is to provide the skeleton so that anybody who has the zeal an information and add the flesh.


From forgoing analysis one can see how this Woman had provided selfless service to humanity in her capacity as the wife of a Christian Clergy.  We decided to write this brief history not because we want to praise Mama, for we know certainly that her reward is already waiting for her in heaven.


The aim is that we the Sons and daughters grandsons and granddaughters of Mama Alice Ramatu Angulu, should not allow the hard labour of this extra ordinary woman to go in vain.




“Choose Ye This Day whom Ye would serve – But for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24v15


            This chapter in the Bible help to sum up the activities and aspirations of a great man who started form a very humble beginning and rose to the highest pinnacle of his glory.  The man who dedicated his life and his possession in serving the Lord God of Host.


            This man is the late Mr. Elisha Ndawusa Tela Sokomba Doko. The determination of Elisha was to see that the Church of Doko becomes the biggest and the first in Nupe.  Today several years after Mr. Elisha Ndawusaa had died his aims and aspirations have been achieved for, Doko Church is the biggest and has the largest indigenous congregation.



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