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 We decided to highlight their activities so that posterity will know their good works and try to imitate them.  History is a very important eye opener for generation yet unborn.  If the activities of these people are not written down, they may have been lost forever and the possibility of continuing from where they stopped could have been a mirage.  For example, Isaac Newton brought about the idea of Electricity but he was not able to practicalize it to  human beings, before he died, but because the records of how he began and how he ended were documented, others carried on the inventive processes and that is why we are able to  get out electricity in this form.  Some one of the aims of this booklet is to bring to light to the present generation the ideas of our pioneers so that we can benefit from those ideas and also leave the legacy to our children as well as our children’s children.


In this pamphlet, effort is made to tell the stories of our forefathers who as pioneer Christians labored in their time in Doko Area to lay the Christian foundation.  This year 1994, marks the 50 Year in which the rewards of part of their labours manifested in the establishment of SAINT PETER’S SCHOOL DOKO.  We their children and their children’s Children owe a duty to IMMORTALIZE the LABOURS OF OUR LEADERS PAST.



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