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Drunkenness, Gambling, Smoking as Destroyers of Destiny among the Youth and the Way Out.

Being the text of a paper presented by Dr. Abraham Usman at Doko Diocesan youth at chrismas 2013 .


            Youthful years are critical foundation for our future and the devil knows that if that foundation is destroyed, there is little or nothing that even the righteous can do (Ps 11:3). Hence, the destinies of many youth are being targeted for destruction through drunkenness, gambling and smoking. Today, some of those who drink claim that it is not the use of wine that is condemned, but rather the misuse of it and they try to support their claims with passages like Eph. 5:18 where Paul says, “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is EXCESS.” In I Tim. 3:8, he says of the deacon, “not given to MUCH wine.” In I Tim. 5:23, Paul tells Timothy to “use a LITTLE wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.” And in Tit. 2:3, the aged women are not to be “given too MUCH wine.” They viewed drunkenness that Paul refers to as only the lifestyle of alcoholism where a person is constantly drunk to the point of trusting in liquor to make him feel better or solve their woes, rather than rely upon God. Some ask about the kind of wine that Jesus drank that our Lord’s enemies called Him a winebibber in Mt. 11:19, and in Luke 7:34. Others also ask, “What about Jesus turning water to wine? Did Jesus make or use intoxicating wine?”

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By Benjamin Orji-Mba

It is important to note that every society has a story of how it evolved through trying times, emerging to be where it is today. The history of every African community or people is the story of migrations, most times punctuated by severe famine, wars, threat of extinction, etc., all of which lead to the final arrival at the place and point where that community finds itself.

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"Your heavenly Father knoweth." (Matt. 6:32.) A VISITOR at a school for the deaf and dumb was writing questions on the blackboard for the children. By and by he wrote this sentence: "Why has God made me to hear and speak, and made you deaf and dumb?" The awful sentence fell upon the little ones like a fierce blow in the face. They sat palsied before that dreadful "Why?" And then a little girl arose. Her lip was trembling. Her eyes were swimming with tears. Straight to the board she walked, and, picking up the crayon, wrote with firm hand these precious words: "Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight!" What a reply! It reaches up and lays hold of an eternal truth upon which the maturest believer as well as the youngest child of God may alike securely rest—the truth that God is your Father. Read more: Your heavenly Father knoweth
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SYNCRETISM IN THE CHURCH TODAY By Bro Zacheous yisa. DEFINITION OF KEY WORDS I want to start by defining some key words that we are going to be dealing with in this book. We will look at the dictionary definition and try to throw light on them in relation to our subject. That may enlighten our minds as we treat this topic. We will use those words in their appropriate places as we go along. In Africa, we have so many things we received from our elders that are difficult to explain, what they are, or how they function. We are forced to accept them as they are passed down even if they make no sense as there is none to explain them to us. Some of those things have become silent laws or principles that guide or direct our daily living and movements though brings no profit to no one. Some of these things have been “spiritualized” and brought to the church. Sometimes it is the present leader (General Overseer, Pastor or The set man with any other name), who starts “a thing” and no man questions it or can even question it because of the authority the leader carries. Such “things” may become a tradition in that church even though one may find it difficult to find a biblical base for it. Sometimes there will even be some clear biblical passages that contradict such a tradition or “thing” but no one dare challenge it because it was started by “The Man of God”. Most times such things become the root or the breeding ground for syncretism among God’s people. At first, people may raise questions, but with time the conscience is silenced and people become “comfortable” with it. Such things will be carefully looked into here with a Biblical binocular; analyzed in the bible laboratory to see its content. We must remember that even as Christians our backgrounds affect our mind set and knowledge. The word of God remains same in every land, among any people and in any age. Read more: SYCRETISM IN THE CHURCH TODAY
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Being the text of a paper presented by Dr. Elisha jiya at Doko diocesan youth at chrismas 2013.

The Bible is very clear on this point: witchcraft, sorcery and the like are outlawed. There is a very simple reason for this, namely, that if one is not seeking the supernatural through God's means, then the only alternative is that one is seeking the supernatural through means which are anti-God (and so pro-Satan). All activities related to witchcraft are therefore extremely dangerous, and no believer in Jesus Christ should have anything to do with them - put as much distance as you can between yourself and these things and do so as quickly as possible!


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