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Children a godly heritage

A blessing not a curse

Chidlrne simple, tender hearted

On it engraved godly statues

From which they will not part

They can be made or marred

By the kind of exposure they receive

On their weak heart godly virtues engraved

Godly virtues will produce

Godly character

Godly character will beget godly homes

Godly home will sprout out

Harmony’s society and nation

Our generation is waiting

For their showing forth

They will smile if the children do not

Escape the hands of godly moulders

They will also mourn d sigh

If there is omission in their upbringing

Children the joy of every home

The pride of every parent

The confident of the society

The hope of the church

The dream of future generation

Harmless and tender hearted

Daddies we need your care

To bring you the pride you cherished

Mummy’s we need your love

To bring you joy and happiness

Church, engraved on our hearts

Godly virtues

To become a voice to our generation

-               Jacob Y. Tsado

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Goodness and Mercy

A virtue to be desired

The fruit of goodness

Expresses God’s goodness

Through good vessels

Good vessels are custodians

Of God’s blessings

The fruit of goodness

Cheers the heart

God longs to see

Fruit of goodness grown in me

Bear fruit of goodness

And our homes, society and

Nation will be good.

-Jacob Y. Tsado

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Love, God’s nature and character

Love compelled God to offer up Jesus

To make certain our redemption

Love is patience and kind

Love is not jealous or boastful or rude

It does not demands its own way

It is not irritable and it keeps no record

Of being wronged

It does not rejoice about injustice

But rejoices whenever the truth wins out

Love never gives up

Never loses faith

Is always hopeful and

Endures through every circumstance.

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True peace cannot be found in man

True peace cannot be found in material things

It cannot be found in bank account filled with naira

Only the Prince of peace can give peace

That comes form within

When true peace is grown in our lives

Harmony will reign supreme in our homes

Find true peace in Jesus.

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The joy of the Lord, my strength

As I abide in the vine

My life produces joy

Joy springs forth happiness

Like a river it flows in me

Joy joy the fruit of the Spirit

It gives confidence in stormy days

Lord, in me grow the fruit of Joy

Let the troubled hearts

Find joy through me

Joy joy joy

-               Jacob Y. Tsado

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