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BY JERRY BABASABA JIYA (Tiffin majingbe 1)

Just in case you ask who am I?  I am the one who is called time.

Why emphasize about me always and always neglect me? Am I that too important and useless at the same time?

          Many like to look at me but never use me, while some make use of me wisely, does that now mean I am for some and not for all? Impossible, because even to humans they say “thousands love you and thousands hate you”

          They say: “time is money” many have been gathering and saving money yet they have not gathered enough to purchase me till their end. I now serve as the boss over many and not them boss over me. Or is it because I have no rule guiding me? You claim to set rules for me even when am not in need of them, you set them and go against them, what a pity.

          Ah-ha, you denied me at the moment you commit evil even before committing them   and when faced by the panel, for then, you don’t know me. You checked on me when you are through but still denied ever knowing or looking at me, what ridicule.  

          You receive preaching about me, advice about me, encouragement about me, lectures about me but of all that you turn deaf ears to me (that) place me under your feet and step upon just as a useless salt which  losses its taste.

           If you dislike me like that then stop abusing me by tying me on your wrist, setting me in your phones or gadgets or placing me on your walls. Because an abandoned child is always an abandoned child, if not to those who acknowledge their values, I am like a helpless child who has been dumped in an open field by his mother. I really need your help that is why am crying on top of my voice Help! Help!! And to all my fans I promise to give you the best at all time you call on me.

          I time, carries your life’s life and am in charge of everything about life, everything you do is been monitored by me, you do your things the way you want but I regulate you in your plans.

          Incase you’ve tried so hard in this life and failed, your maker sees it all, though I will be ahead because I am a waiter of no man. You will still meet me ahead i.e. to say; when God has made you to stand still and all goes well without failing you will meet me where you meet me.  

          In this life you smile when things go well with you, sad and grief  when things goes wrong  it’s all about my control because your maker uses me to monitor you to know the best in you. And that is why it been said “there is time for everything”.

          From old you brand and brand me and till today you are still rebranding me but do you have regards for me? Am just like a beautiful flower decorated in a house but still not being noticed despite my beauty and value.

           Think twice for I time wait for no one even though you are my maker through your maker.