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Text: Hebrews 5:4

“But no one can have the honor of being a high priest simply by wanting to be one. Only God can choose a priest, and God is the one who chose Aaron.” (CEV)


Leadership in the world is highly desired by many because of the glamour, privileges, honour, fame and popularity attached to it. This is why people can slander, blaspheme, fight one another or even kill just to acquire the seat of power and authority. Several others campaign against their opponents and promise heaven and earth. Little did they know that all power belongs to God. He alone enthrones and dethrones kings.

Leadership in the World

  1. Wrong ways of bringing men into leadership

For every original, there would be counterfeit. The devil fakes the things of God. Hence, men have devised several methods of bringing people into leadership. Worst still, these principles have been sponsored into the body of Christ. We shall examine few of them.


  • Campaign
  • God-fatherism
  • Bribery
  • Tribalism/Sectionalism (1Cor. 3:1 – 4)
  • Physical judgment (1Sam. 16:6 – 7)
  • Demonic manipulation and witchcrafty
  1. Wrong Parameters for choosing leaders
  • Physical outlook
  • Zeal and knowledge
  • Eloquence
  • Riches

Biblical Principles of Choosing Leaders

  1. How God choose or raise his servants
  • In the place of prayer and fasting (Lk. 6:12 – 16, Acts 13:1 – 3)
  • Discipleship/Training (Acts 1:15 – 22)
  • Divine appointment (1Sam. 16:11 – 12)
  1. What God looks for in His Vessels/Servants
  • A broken and contrite heart
  • A teachable heart
  • A sincere heart
  • A submissive heart
  • A merciful and compassionate heart
  1. Additional parameters for choosing leaders in FCS
  • Good academic standing beyond reproach (1Tim. 3:2)
  • Good testimony within the Christian community and unbelievers (1Tim. 3:7)
  • Undivided loyalty and commitment (Matt. 6:24)
  • Non-involvement in clubs, associations that negates the objectives of FCS (2Tim. 2:4)
  • Not a recent convert (1Tim. 3:6)




Text: Hebrews 5:4

“But no one can have the honor of being a high priest simply by wanting to be one. Only God can choose a priest, and God is the one who chose Aaron.” (CEV)


The quest for leadership

What disqualifies a man from leadership

  • Sin/Sinful habits
  • Pride and independence
  • Untamed appetite for money, opposite sex, power, etc. (1Cor. 5:9 – 11,
  • Love for honour and attention
  • Living a secretive lifestyle
  • Living a hypocritical life/pretence (Matt. 15:7 – 9)
  • Practicing and teaching unbiblical principles (1Tim. 6:3 – 5)
  1. The Pitfalls of leaders (The 3F’s)
  • Love of money (finance, 1Tim. 6:5b – 10)
  • Love for the opposite sex (females, Judg. 16:1 - 31)
  • Love for honour (fame )
  1. God’s expectation from Christian leaders
  • Be an example to the brethren (Acts 1:1, 1Tim. 4:12 - 15)
  • Fight the good fight of faith. Defend the course of the gospel and uphold the teachings of Christ (1Tim. 6:12 )
  • Keep watch over your own life (1Tim. 4:16)
  • Watch over the sheep which the Lord committed into your hand
  • Preach the word, correct, rebuke and encourage … (2Tim. 4:1 – 4, Eze. 3:17 – 18)
  • Lay your life down for the brethren. How? Discuss. (Jn. 10:11 – 13)
  1. God’s warning to the Church in appoiting/electing leaders
  • Do not be partial. Do not show favoritism (1Tim. 5:21)
  • Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands (1Tim. 5:22)


            The Church is the body of Christ and Christ is the head of the Church. Though we are in the world but we are not of the world. Thus, the principles of this world should not be adopted by the Church to appoint/elect leaders. Men may qualify you because of what they see about you but the heaven may have rejected you long ago.

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