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Seminar paper presented by simeon s kolo of Doko Diocese at theAnglican children ministry, National Bible study Teachers conference


Paul always instructed and encouraged believers in Christ to tell others about Him, and of course, they saw in Paul an living example and a model to follow, therefore children need to learn how to win souls form the life and teaching of their teachers. 

Saved boys and girls should therefore be taught how to win others to Christ.  They will be very often willing, eager and excited to win Soul’s for Christ, and many other children can be reached and saved through their witness.

          Heavy responsibility is hanging on teachers to teach children the whole counsel of God including soul winning (Mathew 28: 19 – 20, Act 20:27) lest our teaching be inadequate and lost it’s authority and soundness.

          Children are the best and most effective children evangelists – not teachers.  They can witness where we would not be allowed to do so – for example in schools, they can be so open, so unashamed and so courageous, their witness can be very simple and natural and through that children will see that becoming a Christian is not just for adults.

          Definition of Witness

          A witness is a believer who lives for Christ and who tells others about Him.  He shares what he has seen, heard, knows and experienced about Christ and His salvation.

Biblical Basis: - Why we must teach children to witness

$1·        The Bible commands all the believer to witness including children (Mathew 28: 19 – 20, Acts 1:8)

$1·        The Bible gives examples of believers who witnessed.  These include Paul, Stephen, Philip and Naaman’s maid.

$1·        God promises to bless and reward those who witness (proverb 11:30, Daniel 12:3)

$1·        Witnessing will strengthen the saved children and help them to grow

$1·        Many other children need to hear the Gospel and saved children

 Themselves are the best and most effective witness among children.

Principles of Witnessing: How to witness

There are five basic principles to keep in mind when teaching your children about witnessing.

$1a.     Teach them to witness by their lives”- (Mathew 5:16) this is the most important aspect of witnessing.  Children need to live for the Lord and to demonstrate their faith in God practically or else any spoken preaching will be of none or little value and ineffective.

$1b.     Teach them to witness with their lips ( 1 Peter 3:15b) saved children should be using every opportunity to tell others about the saviour, especially how Christ has made difference in their lives.

$1c.      Teach children to witness in the power of the Holy Spirit (Act 1:8) even children need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to witness effectively.

$1d.     Teach children to witness by attending Church, Sunday School and Good news club and by carrying their Bibles with them when they do so (Heb. 10:25)

$1e.      Warn them that witnessing for Christ is not easy (2 Timothy 3:12) others may laugh at them and make fun of them for being Christians and may even want to hurt them, but there is a promise in the Bible to claim (Mathew 28: 19 – 20) Jesus promised to be with us always.

When and Where to Witness

$1i.                   At meal time by giving thanks before each meal time.

In most cases this will not be done audibly, but the child will bow his or her head, close his eyes and in his heart, give thanks to God (John 6:11)

$1ii.                 Wherever there are people who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ in neighborhood, school, playground, etc.


a.       The first step is to encourage and challenge the child to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ from the moment of Salvation (Mathew 10:32) He could start immediately by telling an adult believer or another child in the class that he has received the Lord Jesus.

b.       Encourage and challenge the child to witness for Jesus Christ at home, School and wherever he goes.

c.       Encourage the child to witness by doing something nice for another Child

d.       Encourage the child to share the very best news with him (i.e testimony of what the Lord Jesus has done)

e.       Teach children about the Bible characters that witnessed e.g Naaman’s maid, Stephen, Philip, Peter at Cornelius house and others

f.       Missionary Stories can be used to encourage Saved Children to witness as you emphasize on how God works through the missionary it helps the Child to see that God can also work through him as he witnesses for Christ in his home, School and locality.  Lessons on the lives and ministries of missionaries like William Carey, C. T. Studd, Jim Eliot and Hudson Taylor can be a real Challenge to the Children.

g.       Teach Children by explaining and Singing together Choruses that emphasis on witnessing for Christ see “go tell everyone, stop and let me tell you, many boys and girls, what about my neighbor, etc.

h.       By encouraging Children to learn memory verses which deals with witnessing e.g mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, John 20:21, Luke 24:47 – 48

i.        Teach the child to witness using the wordless Book.

          *        Help him to memorize a verse for each page

          *        Explain to him how to tell the story effectively, emphasizing sin.  Christ’s work of redemption, the need of salvation and how to receive Christ.  It is important that you include demonstrations, you should not just tell them what to do but show them how to do it.

j.        Give saved child opportunity to share with other children his salvation experience, you can also start GOAT CLUB, GOAT mean go out and tell, GOAT also means (Give out a tract)

          Give a child opportunity to give out children tracts e.g “heaven and how to get there” you can even take the child along with you when you are reaching out to unsaved souls.


Simon S. Kolo


Doko Diocese

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