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Ladies/Girls’ Guild Fellowship

The idea of having a Ladies/Girls’ Guild Fellowship was born from the desire of continuity and Early Child Education Training. The Bible says “Train up a Child in the way he should go and when he grows he will not depart from it”.


“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1Timothy 4:14 (NIV)

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” 2Timothy 2:15 (NIV)


To help girls attain Spiritual Growth and Biblical Discipline, character development, perseverance, Endurance and the habit of prayer and fasting.


  1. Reaching girls for Christ.
  2. Sending girls out to reach other girls for Christ.
  3. Preparing girls for marriage and to be good mothers.
  4. Teaching girls to be of help in the church and their community.


To pursue all godliness and make Proverb 31:10-31 a life goal; to help members identify their calling to marriage or single life.


  1. To provide a unique opportunity for girls to lean how to keep themselves pure in heart, mind and body.
  2. To give young girls a place of training education and fellowship.
  3. To create a forum for girls to be free to ask feminine questions and receive Biblical guidance.
  4. To teach young girls the way of discipleship through Bible reading, praying and devotion.
  5. To help girls to develop creatively through the learning of skills in home management and through character development.



O Lord our heavenly Father, we thank You for creating us in Your own image. Give to us and to all Christian girls the grace to live lives that will honour You, and to think things that will please You, so that when we grow to be women, we may win other girls to You through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


I promise to do my best, to keep the rules of the Girls’ Guild and to set a good example of Christian living to girls around me.


  1. Ridicule – from the opposite sex. Girls are seen as weak and sometimes useless and always taken for granted.
  2. Discrimination – A girl is seen as a sex object rather than a person with intelligence, hopes aspiration and dreams for the future.
  3. Some parents see girl-child as a failure.
  4. Some girls are not loved or fed so they feel bad.
  5. Some girls are Abused and Harassed through deprivation of material possessions. Threats of broken homes and peer pressures, seeking jobs.
  6. Influences – friends, fashion, music, trends and events.


  • Communicate with parents.
  • Pray always.
  • Show understanding.
  • Maintain her integrity.
  • Be consistent.
  • Seek advice from parents, godly elders and professionals.
  • Attend talks, seminars and counselling sessions.
  • Solicit for equal treatment.
  • Live up to expectation.
  • Take delight in dignity of labour.


Let the beauty of Christ be seen in me;

All His wondrous compassion and purity;

Oh Thou Spirit Divine, All my nature refines;

Till the Beauty of Jesus be seen in me. Amen.

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