History of Churches


Missionaries from Bida arrived at Doko around 1904, some left Doko to Gaba in 1908 and were teaching them how to read. Papa Stephen Gana, Papa Daniel Jiya Busu were going to Gaba for Sunday service and other days for learning.


The first converts are Papa Daniel Jiya (father of Mr. Samuel Jiya) and Papa Stephen Gana (elder brother to Baba Solomon Gana, Late Baba Samuel Gana, Baba John Gana and their relations, Late Baba Mathew, Ndagi Alhassan, the elder brother to Baba Joshua Alhassan).

Papa Daniel and Stephen who were going to Gaba later had others who joined them and the church in Busu began. Those who joined them are Baba Kahkah (father of late Mr. Michael, Baba Gana and Late Mr. Isaiah Sharu Gana), Baba Ubandoma the father of Late Baba Elisha Gboya and other converts from Tsadu-Nkochi and Salegi all came together for Sunday service in Busu.

The church in Busu started around 1910. As the believers increased the missionaries after the teaching session in Gaba had to book another day for Busu before going back to Bida. Since there was no church building then, they were worshipping God in “Katamba”.


The pastor residing in Gaba was the one overseeing the church in Busu. A time came when some believers in Gaba backslide and went back to their gods, it was remaining only Baba Abraham and Baba Daniel Kolo. Due to this the pastor had to move to Busu and was visiting Gaba.

The first pastor to reside in Busu around 1920 was Papa Samuel NdabaKuchi-woro, he was involved in preaching and teaching of the gospel. His first Sunday service was with thirteen (13) members, the offering gathered for the service was “pianaginini” (one penny). He labored among the people and in 1920 he was taken to another place and Papa Isaac Dangana took over from him and at the same time overseeing the church in Gaba. His evangelistic effort lead to some converts in the village of Tabo, Ndakwama, Salegi, Twaki, Tsadu-Nkoci, Babbahna.

As believers increased in Busu Papa Daniel Jiya suggested the building of a church. After the church building was completed Papa Isaac Dangana was transferred and Papa Daniel Kolo from Doko took over. In his time the increase of the believers necessitated the building of another church, one with a thatched roof and wood from the forest.

Before the dedication of the second church Papa Elijah Musa from Gusadin took over from the former pastor, it was in his time that the new church was dedicated and opened for use. The church was waxing strong then came Papa Sode followed by Papa Samuel Ndaba for the second time. He strengthened the church again during his period of stay and he was succeeded by Papa Daniel Kolo followed by Papa Joseph Ahmadu.

At this time Islam had been introduced to Busu around 1925 so many joined Islam only twelve (12) were able to stand which were Papa Daniel Jiya, Papa Stephen Ndakotsu Busu, Nathaniel Gana, Baba Joshua Gana, Baba Jonathan Tsado, Baba Paul Aliyu Bake, Baba Solomon Gana, Baba Samuel Gana and a few of their relatives that followed them. There was a revival at Gaba and the number of the believers kept increasing.

Papa Emmanuel Tama sokomba Doko took over in Busu and after he retired no pastor was sent to Busu and many backslide. The pastor in Gaba again was the one in charge of the church in Busu.


  1. Papa Samuel Ndaba Kuchi woro
  2. Papa Isaac Dangana
  3. Papa Daniel Kolo Doko
  4. Papa Elijah Musa Gusadin
  5. Papa Sode
  6. Papa Samuel Ndaba Kuchi woro (second time)
  7. Papa Daniel Kolo (second time)
  8. Papa Joseph Ahmadu
  9. Papa Emmanuel Tama Doko


When Christianity came to Busu in 1910, persecution was minimal but from 1925 when Islam came, persecution was on the increase. The coming of Islam brought persecution to the church but not withstanding since they were blood relatives they still did things together. During the reign of the Sardauna when he said all Christians should be wiped out, it was a difficult time for the church but the grace of God was sufficient and delivered the church. At this time Papa Solomon was the residing pastor at Gaba and a church was built with mud and a zinc roof. A mallam known as Shaba was coming to Busu to preach, converting people to Islam deceiving the people that Christians were pagans and that they will not make heaven. The love of material things caused many to be converted and they were bathed into Islam. They began to formulate songs to mock the Christians, those who refused to give up their faith in Christ found it real tough. The wife of late Baba Elijah Gboya divorced him and all his children were forced to become Muslims although they were already baptized, he and his other wife remained Christians. The two wives and children of Baba Nathaniel Kolo became muslims, he remained a Christian despite his loss. He was humiliated, taken to an open place and bathed in the Islamic way saying that was the only way he could get his family back. He was not given food to eat but he refused to give up his faith. The same happened to Baba Jude Musa but they both stood their ground for Jesus despite the percussions.

During one of Mallam Shaba’s visit, Papa Solomon was also on visitation from Gaba, and Shaba was humiliating Baba Nathaniel and Baba Jude so Papa Solomon confronted him. Mallam Shaba’s visits caused serious problems for Christians, he insulted them in public. There was a day when Shaba was preaching and Baba Josiah went to preach the gospel to him, he was mocked and stoned till he sustained injury. The first person to cast the stone was the son of his relative Alhaji Jama Busu Tako. When the Mallam came visiting again Papa Solomon confronted him never to visit Busu again and he stopped and freedom came to the believers in Busu. The lack of a pastor in Busu lead to the persecution of the believers by the mallam and made many to backslide.

The first two church buildings in Busu were built before the persecution. After the building of the forth church, the church started to have pastors again.





Catechist Daniel Adams was posted to the church in 1995, he was an eloquent preacher and good in prayers and visitation of members, but he fell into the trap of the enemy and was dismissed from service. After that Pastor Abel Usman Gubata was posted to the church and he labored quietly and was humble, he had the Spirit of God. He became a deacon in Busu and was posted to Emi-Ndayisa. The foundation of the vicarage was laid in his time. Rev. Daniel .T. Ndagi came in February 2000 and was there for four years then came Rev. Joseph Nmadu Pati-Shabakolo in February 2004. He was a quiet and gentle man, he encouraged unity and was blessed with a baby girl named Jemimah and also sponsored to Jerusalem by one of the church members. He encouraged the building of a guest house by the church and also started family harvest thanksgiving. He was transferred to Esheti in 2008. Rev. Can. Isaiah Tsado Gbadafu took over from him. He was prompt to meetings and went round every morning to greet the members, before doing anything he would seek the counsel of the members, this history was compiled in his time.

Pastor Daniel Adams 1996-1996

Rev. Abel Usman 1996-2000

Rev. Daniel .T. Ndagi 2000-2004

Rev. Joseph Nmadu 2004-2008

Rev. Can. Isaiah Tsado


Today God has blessed the seed of the early Christians in Busu and they are on the increase even though majority are not at home but God has blessed them with children. Busu has five major families from which others sprang forth.



  1. Emi Baba Samuel Jiya

                 Mr. Isaiah Jiya

Mr Benjamin Jiya

                 Dr. Peter Jiya

                 Dr. Timothy Jiya

                 Pharm. Daniel Jiya

  1. Emi Ndakotsu

-Baba Michael Gana

Mr. Jonathan Gana

-Baba Isaiah Gana

Mr. Abel Gana

Mr. Stephen Gana

Mr. Nathaniel Gana

Mr. Solomon Gana

Mr. Jonah Gana

       -Baba Samuel Gana

Mr. Thomas B. Gana

Mr. Stephen Gana

       -Papa Stephen

               Mr. Timothy Gana

  • Emi Ndagabi

-Baba Solomon Gana

              Prof. Jerry Gana

              Mr. Daniel Gana

              Mr. Zaccheaus Gana

              Hon. Majin Gana

-Baba Mathew Ndagi

              Mr. Amos Gana

              Mr. Jacob .K. Alhassan

              Mr. JamesAlhassan

  1. Emi Ndarusa Bake

-Baba Josiah Bake

              Mr. Samuel Yisa Bake

-Baba James Aliyu Bake

              Mr. Jerry Bake

              Mr. David Bake

              Mr.Josiah Bake

-Baba Ezekiel Nmadu Bake

Mr. Gideon Bake

Mr. Job Bake

Mr. Samuel Ndako Bake

  1. Emi Ndaliko

Mr. Elijah Kolo

               Mr. Philip Tsado

Mr. Peter Kolo

Mr. Mathew Kolo


The members of the church always work together in unity; they show love and fellowship with one another. They give to widows and those in need which has brought God’s blessings upon them. They seek God the more which is demonstrated in their prayers for those at home and those outside for peace and protection. The missionaries started with a few but today God has blessed and increased the church.


Widows in the church are about thirty percent (30%) of the congregation. This widows need to be catered for because they are a vital segment of the church.

Some of the widows are:

Mrs. Felicia Gana

Mrs. Dorcas Gboya

Mrs. Comfort Bake

Mrs. Deborah Gana

Mrs. Juliana Gana

Mrs. Rebecca Bake

Mrs. Lydia Kolo

Mrs. Grace Kolo

Mrs. Hannah Usman





The church has a vicarage (where the vicar resides). One of the members was moved by God to renovate the church and put it in a proper shape. This began in 18th January 2010. To God be the glory the hand of God is seen daily in the church.


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