History of Churches


Written by:

Bro. Isaiah. N. Gana

Mr. Josiah. N. Jiya

The elders that were interviewed are:

First phase

Baba Daniel. Z. Jiya

Baba Samuel. N. Usman

Baba Matthias. S. Kolo

 Second phase

Baba David. S. Jiya

Baba Joshua. N. Gana

Rev. Joseph. J. Yisa

The first set of people that came to preach in Danko-masalachi are Yagba people. The first set of people that embraced Christianity are:

Baba Ndatsu

Ndagi Dzuko

Baba Doko

Baba Tafyan


Baba Gana

One of the challenges that these people faced was the taking away and burning of the Nupe prima and bibles by their parents reason being that they were using them as an excuse not to go to the farm. But that the word of God will not perish, Baba Ndatsu hid his bible (Labari wangi) and his was not burnt. When they got another prima and bible this set of people started the reading again.

Baba Yamman later known as Baba Solomon Yisa

Benu Ndatsu

Ndazhiri Nmadu

Ndazhiri later known as Baba Daniel. Z. Jiya

Ndagi Aliyu (Baba Paul. A. Gana)

Ndawo (Baba Samuel Usman)

These and others along with three people from Danko Emiworogi went to Kuchi Pati for Sunday service. There were others who learnt the nupe prima with them but for fear and due to the challenges they faced went back. Baba Solomon learnt how to read the nupe prima around 1940 when he was farming near Kopa (Batako). He learnt how to read with Baba Daniel in Kopa, He also went to Baba Josiah in Emiworogi. When he had perfected his reading, he started teaching others such as:

Yawozhiri Nmadu

Alhaji Haruna from Danko

Baba Samuel, Baba Ezekiel Gana, Baba Daniel Emiworogi

They studied also a book titled ‘Questions and answers’ Baba Daniel became a Christian through the reading of this books.

The Church at Danko-Emiworogi

The following people started attending church service at Danko-Emiworogi: Baba Solomon, Baba Wozhiri, Baba Daniel and Baba Paul. They started going to Patishabakolo and later started going to Danko-Emiworogi and their parents did not prevent them. Baba Solomon used to go to the farm before going for the church service. At that time those conducting the service were coming from Kuchi, Papa Solomon was coming Gusadin and Papa Samuel was always around to fellowship with them.

In 1943 Baba Solomon bought a bible (Labari wangi). Baba Samuel and others picked the courage again to attend church services at Danko-Emiworogi. Christmas was celebrated at the end of every year. Baptisms were conducted at Kuchi. Baba Solomon while embarking on the building of his wife’s house could not go to Kuchi that year. In 1951 Wozhiri Nmadu died leaving Baba Daniel who was already baptized and helping in conducting the service.

The Church in Danko-masalachi

In 1956 Papa Peter who was the resident pastor in Kuchi supported our need for a pastor due to the growth in the number of converts. He raised the issue with the church elders in Bida and they posted Papa Elijah as the first pastor in Danko-masalachi. Before then the church building began in 1955 and was completed in 1956. Sunday services started in the church between January and February 1956. Baba Daniel became one of the members conducting service. The first harvest thanksgiving in the church was in December 1956 where ₦16.80k was gathered.

Papa Elijah Musa in 1957 was lodged in Baba Solomon’s house and the building of the mission compound began. The general name for the churches at that time was C.M.S (Church Missionary Society).

There were challenges before the building of the church, approval was needed from the village and district heads, this was presented in Doko and Ndazhitsu Jiya approved, but the district head on hearing this came to Mawogi and raised the matter. The Zhitsu (Village head) of our village and that of Doko supported the building of the church but Babaman did not. The district head then held a radio and said, “What was not there before came to be. We never had seen a radio before but now it is available, so I give my consent for the building of a church.”

Baba Solomon at that time was ill and taken to Zaria for treatment but he passed on. Mama Janet was the woman around then.

Pastors posted to Danko-masalachi church

Papa Elijah pastored the church for six (6) years. He worked with the Holy Spirit and God helped him. Papa Thomas pastored the church for a year, he was teaching and taking the gospel to nearby villages. Papa James Yisa pastored the church for five (5) to six (6) years. Papa Elijah was posted a second time and for three years the church experienced growth in numbers.

A new church was built in 1970, then Papa Angulu saw the need to name the church and the name St James Anglican church was given. Papa Solomon took over from Papa Elijah for ten (10) years. Papa Elijah Zubairu pastored for six (6) years. Papa Ezekiel Aliyu pastored for nine and a half (9½) years. The church increased numerically and a new church was built in 1990. The church became a parish with Danko-emiworogi under them.

Rev. David Kolo then pastored the church for six (6), he was the first ordained priest (Rev.) to pastor the church. Rev. Daniel Tsado (Vunchi) took over for four (4) years then came Rev. Daniel. T. Ndagi pastored for three (3) years. Rev. Nathaniel. Y. Kolo for three years and four months. Rev. Jonah. N. Saba pastored for ten (10) years (2004-2014). Rev. Philip Gana (Doko)from 2014 till date.




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